4 Ways to Enjoy Exercise (More!)

1. Try Something New! 

Stuck in the same old training rut? This does happen from time to time. We go to the same gym, take the same class or do the same exercises over, and over again. That gets…boring. After that, we tend to lose interest and may stop exercising all together.

Start mixing it up! Go to a different class day or time, talk with a personal trainer about one on one sessions, and/or make it a point to do some kind of training or activity every day that is different.

2. Get Some New Workout Gear!

Do we need another reason to go shopping?? Seriously, go buy an awesome new gym bag, or new cross-trainers, or even a new moisture wicking tee! It’s the little things in life, right? You may feel extra motivated to get to the studio or get that run in, just to try out those new shoes.

3. Make a New Playlist

Need to feel rejuvenated and pumped?  Ditch the same old songs you’ve been listening to and take a half an hour to create a new playlist. Jammin’ out to some new songs will give your workout some new and fresh to look forward to!

4. Find a Friend

There are days when we all enjoy working out alone, and getting lost in our own thoughts - not saying a word (unless it’s belting out the words to one of your new songs ;) )  But sometimes having a workout partner can give you that extra push that you need to get through and motivate you.  A workout buddy can help you push your limits, while also helping to pass the time.

Once you make exercising part of you daily life, it’s hard to quit! At Get Fit Now we want to continuously challenge you and provide you with an awesome and effective workout every time you walk through the doors! We hope that these tips will help keep you motivated and ready to ROCK your workouts!!